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About the Game

"A Hat in Time is a 3D collect-a-thon platformer in the spirit of the beloved Nintendo and Rare games from the Nintendo 64 era. Think Banjo-Kazooie, The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario 64 all in one! The game features Hat Kid, a girl who travels time and space to protect the world from the evil Mustache Girl!" − From the A Hat in Time Official Site

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The game was funded through Kickstarter, where it reached almost ten times its initial goal!
Visit "A Hat in Time" on Kickstarter!

Gears for Breakfast is an independent game studio in Denmark with it's first title "A Hat in Time" on its way!
Release Date
To be Announced
Official Website
A Hat in Time Offical Site
Created for PC and MAC
A Hat in Time was made using Unreal Engine 3, please check, if your computer meets these requirements.
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How to play
Modding support
Game editions
Chapter 1
Mafia Town
Chapter 2
Subcon Forest
Chapter 3
Battle of the Birds
Chapter 4
Alpine Skyline

2 additional worlds will come with the planned DLC!

  • 7 Vastly different worlds to explore!
  • Exploration is key, every nook and cranny contains something to help you on your way!
  • You might be little, but you pack a punch! Defeat enemies to unlock goodies and fight giant bosses!
  • Upgrade your weapon with platforming and combat abilities!
  • Craft badges that give you special powers!
  • Grab a friend and enjoy the experience together in co-op multiplayer! Both split-screen and online!
  • Music co-composed by Grant Kirkhope, the composer for Banjo-Kazooie! Read more about the composer and his music - here: Grant Kirkhope on Wikipedia and visit also his Official Site!
A Hat in Time - Developer FAQ
I backed the Kickstarter, will I receive the Alpha Build?
If your reward is after or at the $70 rewards, then you will receive the alpha! The rewards below $70 are unfortunately not part of the alpha program.
If the Alpha and Beta are delivered through Steam, does that mean Hat in Time will be on Steam Early Access?
There are no plans to utilize Steam Early Access for the time being.
I haven’t preordered, but I still want to be part of Alpha – What do?
Consider purchasing the Deluxe Edition! Or alternatively, purchase the Standard Edition first, and then purchase the Upgrade straight after.
I accidentally purchased the upgrade without owning the standard game!
Your full amount will be refunded – please give the system a week to perform the automatic refund.
Read more:
I backed the Kickstarter for the Beta Build, do I get a discount on the upgrade?
Unfortunately not. Gears for Breakfast will announce, if such an option becomes available.
Is there a way to get a physical copy?
At moment not, but Gears for Breakfast will announce, if such an option becomes available.
Will the game be released on console?
Currently, the game is only announced for PC/MAC, but Gears for Breakfast is working towards a Wii U console release. If this is happening, they'll try to make an option possible to switch for those who previously bought the PC version.
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