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Badges are both equipable items and visual accessories in A Hat in Time. Hat Kid wears badges on her hat, while Bow Kid can be seen on her bow. Badges have different effect on the playable character when equipped. Some effects may be positive, other negative and other only grant visual or auditory changes. Badge Pins can be bought from the Badge Seller to add 2 additional equip spots to have up to 3 badges active at the same time.

8 badges are bought from the Badge Seller with Pons as Hat Kid progresses through the game. 1 can be bought from Mafia Boss after his defeat. 2 Badges are found for free while exploring certain Acts. Finally, 2 Badges are obtainable by completing Death Wish challenges while the last 3 are bought from different Metro Cats.

Badges[edit | edit source]

Camera Badge.png Hookshot Badge.png Item Magnet Badge.png Hover Badge.png No Bonk Badge.png Scooter Badge.png
Camera Badge Hookshot Badge Item Magnet Badge Hover Badge No Bonk Badge Scooter Badge
Fast Hatter Badge.png Projectile Badge.png Compass Badge.png 1-Hit Hero Badge.png Mumble Badge.png
Fast Hatter Badge Projectile Badge Compass Badge 1-Hit Hero Badge Mumble Badge
Mirror Badge.png Nostalgia Badge.png Retro Badge.png REDtro VR Badge.png Peaceful Badge.png
Mirror Badge[1] Nostalgia Badge[1] Retro Badge[2] REDtro VR Badge[2] Peaceful Badge[2]

Achievements[edit | edit source]