Bow Kid

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Mafia.png "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

Bow Kid and Hat Kid

Bow Kid is the playable character in Co-op mode. Bow Kid will share all of Hat Kid inventory when co-op mode is active.


Much like her name imply, Bow Kid is a little girl with a Blue bow tie on her head, She has dark skin and curly brown hair. She wears a white shirt, blue flowy skirt and a green coat with dark blue cat pockets.


  • Bow Kid's Umbrella is pink.
  • She seems to have fans of her in Nyakuza, stalls of her merchandising can be found all over the DLC
  • In the Kickstarted campaign, the character who was going to be playable as Co-op was going to be Timmy, but he was replaced by Bow Kid