Mafia Town Act 1: Welcome to Mafia Town

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Mafia.png "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

intro to the act

Act 1: Welcome to Mafia Town is the first act in the game and the first act in Chapter 1: Mafia Town. It is unlocked as soon as you start the game.


After falling from her Space Ship, Hat Kid lands in "Mafia Town" where she follows a mysterious girl with a mustache, who helps her find a Time Piece that had fallen into a fountain. Hat Girl also can find an umbrella. Players also can get the umbrella without seeing Mustache Girl.

Items in this Act

Badge Seller

  • Location: Near the pipes where a Mafia Guy is rolling a giant piece of meat.


  • While the Act ends in the final version of the game, when Hat Kid defeats the Mafia guy with the Time Piece and the Umbrella, in the Alpha version of the game, the chapter ended with a boss fight similar to the one in Act 2: Barrel Battle.
  • The dialogue between Mustache Girl and Hat Kid in this Act was heavily changed from Alpha to release.
  • It's also implied from the original dialogue, that the umbrella, which the Mafia Guy was holding, belonged to Hat Kid.

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